On Tour

with my SAMBOP Quartet in March 2019:

Do, 14.3. Bayerischer Hof, Erlangen
Fr, 15.3. Jazzclub Chemnitz
Sa, 16.3. Jazzclub Minden
So, 17.3. Jazzkeller, Frankfurt a.M.
Di, 19.3. Theaterstübchen, Kassel
Mi, 20.3. Jazzclub Unterfahrt, München
Do, 21.3. Jazzclub Regensburg e.V.
Fr, 22.3. Jazz Zirkel, Weiden
Sa, 23.3. Katharinensaal, Chorinho.de, Nürnberg; Duo w/Lula Galvão
So, 24.3. Jazz im Schloß, Murnau; Duo w/Lula Galvão

Looking forward to play with the brazilian masters
Lula Galvão
Dudu Penz
Mauro Martins


CD Sambop by Paulo Morello

Paulo Morello`s new album "Sambop" is in stores April 20th, 2018.
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"Paulo Morello's Sambop has such a rich personality that is reflected in every note. You guys have really brought out a sense of the people of Brazil through the notes!"
-- Billy Cobham

Contact Paulo Morello:

e-mail: info@paulomorello.com
phone: (+49) 162 101 2982

social: meet Paulo on facebook